We strive to develop future leaders of Medicine
What our members say...

“This was a great way to gain real-world experience working on actual healthcare problems. It was also a great opportunity to work in a professional setting where a client has expectations as to what will be done and the team has to deliver on that commitment.”

“Great way to jump in to the business problems that healthcare organizations are striving to solve everyday.”

“As someone who has little to no experience in consulting or aspects of healthcare outside of a physician role, every aspect of my project was a great learning experience and I took a lot out of it”

“Like I said previously, being a project leader of a very nebulous case was an incredible opportunity for me to figure out how to drive the direction of a team, delegate tasks, etc. It was also so fun to be able to design data analyses myself (a job that was typically afforded to my supervisors at my past job)”

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