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David Portney

Project Leader, M2

Packard Health, GDAHC

Highlights: David Portney is an M2 at the University of Michigan Medical School. Prior to starting medical school, David worked at the Boston Consulting Group in Chicago, where he focused on health care projects. David is a co-founder of Med ECG and has led multiple projects with Packard Health and GDAHC.
Education: David earned his BBA from the Univeristy of Michigan Ross School of Business and a BS from the College Literature, Science, and the Arts in Interdisciplinary Physics. He will graduate from medical school in May 2021.
Select Experiences:
  • Led an operations project with a Federally-Qualified Health Center focused on standardizing operations across multiple clinics and developing an automated dashboard to track progress
  • Led a community health project focusing on understanding best practices of diabetes prevention programs and prioritizing a set of metrics for tracking improvement
  • Developed margin optimization model and financial forecasts for large integrated care health system including over a hundred adaptable inputs such as plan prices, member utilization, and economic trends
  • Surveyed ophthalmology provider landscape in relation to commercial build-out of novel-stem cell pharmaceutical company
  • Mapped emergency department discharge and admission flow and analyzed time-data for large hospital
  • Academic research focuses on understanding the value and trends of Telemedicine