Emergency Department Space Utilization: In one project, Med ECG evaluated ways in which to improve space utilization in the Emergency Department to reduce the amount of space occupied by boarders and improve the effective capacity of the Emergency Department for new patients. In a separate project with the Emergency Department, Med ECG evaluated the acuity of Emergency Department visits at Michigan Medicine and the appropriateness of admissions from the Emergency Department compared to other institutions.

Family Planning Clinic: Med ECG worked with the OB-Gyn department to investigate barriers and facilitators to medical miscarriage and abortion services provided in the clinics. MedECG interviewed clinic staff and key stakeholders, and conducted a department-wide survey of family medicine and OB-Gyn providers.

ED Acuity Benchmarking

Project Leader: Jackie Kercheval

Team Members: Josh BourqueCecilia Pesavento, Shreya Verma, David Wang

ED Space Utilization

Project Leader: Blake Duffy

Team Members: Akul Arora, Jeet Das, Matt Friedland, Max Sievers

Family Planning

Project Leaders: Kavya Davuluri,

Team Members: Brendan Appold, Kourtney Pony, David Portney, Taylor Standiford

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